CAPTURE - Episode 1 (en sub) | ЗАХВАТ - Серия 1 / Детектив


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Chairman of the National Trust Bank Pochekaev have had a call from unknown person and has been told, one of his bank branches is being robbed just now by the gunmen. Pochekaev suggests it’s a joke but is wrong. We can see five men wearing colored masks are breaking the bank and are putting beings there on the floor. Police with guards are taking the bank into perimeter.
Occupants’ leader demands manager to access Pochekaev’s safety box. Experienced safe cracker Glebych is there to break it. The contents of the box is what robbers are interested in. Meanwhile it appears clear that gunmen named Krest and Telega are not having any knowledge of any locking boxes and have come there for money. They realize they were deceived. Driven mad Krest shoots Glebych. There’s no one to break the safety box.


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