ZATOICHI 07: Zatoichi's Flashing Sword Engsub 座頭市あばれ凧 1964 | ZATOICHI SEASON 3 Ep07


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Zatoichi's Flashing Sword (座頭市あばれ凧, Zatōichi abare dako) is a 1964 Japanese chambara film directed by Kazuo Ikehiro starring Shintaro Katsu as the blind masseur Zatoichi. It was originally released by the Daiei Motion Picture Company (later acquired by Kadokawa Pictures).

Zatoichi's Flashing Sword is the seventh episode in the 26-part film series devoted to the character of Zatoichi.

Blind masseur Zatoichi is nursed back to health by a young woman after he is shot by a gang member. Ichi, who had come to the village to repay a debt, now feels further indebted. He commits himself to use his amazing sword skills to help the young woman's father, whose river-crossing service is under attack by the same gang responsible for Ichi's wounds.

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