灰姑娘醫術高湛,連太醫院首席太醫都嫉妒,對她出手 ? Chinese Television Dramas


Drama Name: The Mischievous Doctor | 刁蠻俏御醫 (Na-ra Jang, TAE)
Also known as: The Imperial Physician, Unruly Qiao, Dr. Mischievous
Genres: Historical, Romance, Comedy


Full playlist: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLTB73Ibi_X3GurSVz4zLmsRV--AZiOxev

?Plot summary:
A young woman refuses to conform to her times. He Tianxin (Na-ra Jang) is smart and sassy and aspires for more than what society tells her women should be. Dressed like a boy, Tianxin wants to become a doctor. When she meets Emperor Zhu Li (TAE) and the handsome Zhang Zhesan (Hao Gao), they both fall in love with the unconventional young woman. What will become of this unusual love triangle?

He Tianxin / He Tian - Na-ra Jang
Emperor Zhu Li - TAE

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