Cocoon (1985) OST Steve Guttenberg Ron Howard WARPITER



Carlie Beau

I so digged this movie as a kid. RIP

Garrett Graf

RIP Wilfred Brimley. Hard to believe you were only 50 when you made this film. Thats me in 10 years and I still want more kids!

Dark Lord

I used to be scared by the aliens in this movie when I was a kid.
Especially the scene when the main character is looking through the key hole and alien take off the human skin and notice him. Man I was scared shitless.

Enrique Barrera

esta pelicula es para gente que iteractua con la naturaleza

Cisco Mail

...forever young...fantastic!


I feels as though this is how Prometheus would have ended, if Weyland and his crew weren't such dicks after waking the Engineer from hyper sleep.

Fátima Rosa

Cadê o filme completo, onde assistir

Daniel Marcos

Que buenas películas "


I almost forgot about that movie, was one of my childhood. :)

Alvaro Poveda Valdés

I love these Movies Picture

Valentena Upton

Superbly cast!

Bmk Bmk

I was 23 when this came out...I'm 58 now disabled....I could do with swim in that pool....for all those who have passed recently Brian DENEEHY.....movie magic....RIP....thanks

80's guy

RIP brian dennehy

Jennifer Desnoyers

My boyfriend told me about this movie and just seeing this tells me whoever wrote this movie obviously has read THE EMERALD TABLETS OF THOTH.. now I need to watch this movie !!

Carolina Serrano

Hermosa pelicula

Sir Henry Patschislewsky

Liked the movie when i was a kid


#svenvath #cocoon mein BRUDER. Ich ICH LIEBE DICH

Galaxy One

Merci :) !

Karina Montes Gambirazio

COCOON (1985) GUTENBERG.... Una admirable produccion miy ilustrativa; quienes poseen la revelacion de la Trinidad se daran cuenta como es el Poder del Espiritu Santo. Dios bendiga a los Productores, y todo el elenco de Produccion que participaron para mostrar al Mundo como ser jovenes, con la presencia y el Power de Dios Holy Spirit. Gracias Millones de Bendiciones. Karina4ever /la hija del Altisimo

Jon C

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