Cocoon (1985) - 'Discovered In The Poolhouse' scene [1080p]

This scene, and a similar voyeurism scene on the boat, were the turning points in this story, as the humans realising they were dealing with something out of this world. James Horner was on hand to supply the necessary grandeur.

Starring Don Ameche, Wilford Brimley, Hume Cronyn, Brian Dennehy, Jack Gilford, Steve Guttenberg, Maureen Stapleton, Jessica Tandy, Gwen Verdon, Herta Ware and Tahnee Welch. Directed by Ron Howard, with music by frequent collaborator James Horner.


romantic Roman

Classic movie 🥰

Tru Dis

Those edits at 2:10 bug me so bad

william haggard

R I P Wilford Brimely no longer have to worry about being in pain together with number of case members of the movie in heaven ..

Asuka ofLain

I always love this movie. I'm soooooo happy Wilford Brimley is in this movie.

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