Persian Troy- With decent English Subtitles


This is a subtitled version of the so appreciated Persian troy parody video. Hope that you'll be able to share your laughs with your non-Persian speaking friends now :D
**Update 2013**
Wow 4.5k views, didn't really see that coming, thank you all!
I see that some people want more, if you have any suggestions of funny videos that you want subtitled in Persian, Swedish or English comment below ;-)
**Update 2014*
+26.6k That's awesome ;D
**Update 2015**
Keep the video ideas coming guys, by that I mean please send some in, like, literary not even one has been submitted :)
*Update 2015*
Do I get paid for these views or something? #datyoutubesmonies D:
**Update 2016**
This is how Not to viral.

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