Moe Norman 1987 - Rare Video of Moe "Ripping the Ball".


This is a video of Moe Norman in 1987 absolutely ripping the golf ball hitting it long and straight.

If anyone thinks that Moe lacked club head speed, there is absolutely no way to deny the speed seen in this video from over 30 years ago when Moe was 58 years old.

Here is a note from Howie Alter - the owner of the video footage:

"Hi Todd, some corrections. Shot at Oakdale Golf Club in Toronto, Ontario. Comments by Wilf Homenuik former Tour Player from Saskatchewan.Winner of many Canadian PGA events, International events and The Buick Open . Induction into the Canadian Golf Hall of Fame in 2005. Currently still a teaching professional at Oakdale Golf Club.
Regards - Howie Alter"

Please share this video with anyone who think Moe hit it short.

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